Prof. Levent Gürel received the Harrington-Mittra Award in Computational Electromagnetics.

New book from IEEE Press and Wiley: The Multilevel Fast Multipole Algorithm (MLFMA) for Solving Large-Scale Computational Electromagnetics Problems.

Another achievement in the series of world record: More than one billion unknown solved.

Prof. Levent Gürel received 2013 UIUC ECE Distinguished Alumni Award.

Prof. Gürel is elevated to ACES Fellow Grade.

Prof. Gürel is invited to address the 2011 ACES Conference in Virginia, USA, as a Plenary Speaker.

Prof. Levent Gürel is named IEEE Distinguished Lecturer.

Prof. Levent Gürel is elevated to IEEE Fellow grade

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World's Largest Problem in Computational Electromagnetics Involving 374 Million Unknowns

December 2009

BiLCEM Researchers Double the World Record in Computational Electromagnetics

January 2008
At the start of 2007, BiLCEM (Computational Electromagnetics Research Center of Bilkent University) Director Prof. Levent GÜREL announced that they had solved the world's largest problem in computational electromagnetics involving 42 million unknowns. In less than one year, BiLCEM researchers doubled the world record by solving huge mathematical problems involving as many as 85 million unknowns. more...

Intel Case Study

World Record Broken in Computational Electromagnetics!

January 2007
(BiLCEM) is an excellence center that is dedicated to the study of the solution of real-life electromagnetics problems using cutting-edge computing technologies. Applications involve radars, antennas, nanostructures, metamaterials, microelectronics, optics, mobile phone systems, etc. These complicated problems require the numerical solution of extremely large matrix equations. more...