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There are a few ways of getting to the Kordon Otel from the airport in Izmir.  One possibility is to take a taxi.  The taxi should cost about 40 YTL (Turkish Liras) which is about 20-25 Euros.  All taxies have receipts, which will be given to you if you request it.  Quite rarely, a driver may not have receipts in the car.  In order to avoid such a situation, you might want to ask the driver before you get in to the car.  Turkish word for receipt is “XORZGRUTSKKYJC.”  Just kidding!  Actually, it is pretty easy: Turkish word for receipt is “fiş” (fiche) pronounced just like “fish” in English.  Kordon Otel is a major hotel in a prominent neighborhood at the center of Izmir.  Therefore, the driver will probably know where Kordon Otel is.  However, if the driver is not aware of Kordon Otel, please tell the driver that it is in the ”Pasaport” neighborhood.

An alternative is to take the airport shuttle from the airport to the city.  When you leave the terminal building at the airport, you will see a bus that is marked as “HAVAS”.  You may take this bus to the city.  Tickets cost 10 YTL, which is about 6 Euros.  Tickets are purchase on board.  The shuttle will take you to the HAVAS Bus Terminal in the city.  This terminal is called “Efes.”  When you leave the bus at Efes, Kordon Otel is within walking distance.  Please see the attached photograph for directions from Efes to Kordon Otel.  If you like, you may even take a taxi from Efes to Kordon Otel; however, that would be a very short ride. 

A final alternative is to request Kordon Otel to arrange for your transfer from the airport to the hotel.  Kordon Otel’s VIP shuttle will cost 50 YTL, which is about 30 Euros.  

Turkey has the policy of reciprocity: if a country requires visa for Turkish citizens, Turkey requires visa for the citizens of that country.  The good news: Citizens of European countries can get their visas in the airport AFTER they arrive in Turkey.  There is a cost, but the procedure should be relatively painless.  I suggest that you make a quick phone call to the Turkish Consulate in your city/country to learn the most reliable info.

CURRENCY: Turkish Lira (TL)
Exchange rates: (approximately)
1 Euro = 1.75 YTL
1 USD = 1.30 YTL

You may exchange currency in the airport, in banks, or in small money exchange shops in the city.

Usually, there is about 1 percent difference between buying and selling. As a rule of thumb, if there is about 1 percent difference between buying and selling at the place you are trading, that means you are getting good rates. If the difference between buying and selling is more than 2 percent, that means that place is trying to make a lot of profit. Also, it is not common to pay a commission for money exchange in Turkey. The traders are already making money because of the 1-percent differential between buying and selling.

CREDIT CARDS (Visa, Mastercard) are VERY widely used in Turkey.  American Express is not very common.

GSM network operates on 900 and 1800 MHz in Turkey.  900 MHz has better service.  You may use your cell phones for roaming in Turkey *if* (a) your phone operates on either 900 or 1800 MHz, (b) your local phone company (in your own country) allows you to roam.  As an alternative to roaming, if you have *UNLOCKED* GSM phones operating on 900 MHz (or 1800 MHz), you may even purchase a SIM card in Turkey to use your own phone on a Turkish carrier. You may purchase prepaid cards for you so that you will not have to do expensive roaming.  

ELECTRICITY in Turkey:  220 V, 50 Hz

Pictures of commonly available outlets: